Online Decoration

For virtual online decoration, please select one of the below room templates
then, you can perform your online decoration using tools, products and various design patterns

2D Kitchen

Designing the kitchen using colors, patterns and household appliances in a flat 2-dimensional mode

567 visits

3D Kitchen

Design your kitchen in 360-degrees mode, use colors, paterns and devices, and see everywhere arround you!

46092 visits

3D Bedroom

Use the existing colors and other elements to design a nice 360-degrees bedroom!

3418 visits

3D Livingroom

Designing a 360-degrees living-room using furniture, wallpapers, carpets, ...

153 visits

3D Sitting-Room

Designing a 360-degrees sitting-room using furniture, wallpapers, tables, ...

Coming Soon
child room

3D Kid's Room

Design the best place for chidren to play, rest and enjoy in a 360-degrees view!

Coming Soon

Tarhazma Features

If you care about the design of your surrounding layout,
and want to test your designs as soon as you select items on the scene, the especial features of Tarhazma would help you out with your design


Design rapidly, without wasting time


Watch everything you design in a moment


Make your dreams come to virtual reality


Use it one every platform (desktop, cellphoe, tablet, ...)


Invent new models in your design

Up to date

Get familiar with the new products of credible brands

Tarhazma Services

Having the benefit of working with an expert team of engineers, photographers and marketers,
Tarhazma provides users with a wide variety of services in the field of IT, industrial photography, computer graphics, image processing and machine-vision technologies.

Virtual Layout

Designing real rooms without the need to access real items


Providing industrial images usable in catalogs, ...

Introducing Brands

An efficient way to introduce products

Mobile App.

Developing mobile apps for different businesses

360˚ Photography

Making a professional digital catalog of your place or business


Scientific and educational articles about decoration, ...

Partner Brands

Credible brands of interior design, household appliances, ... are joining us as partners and put their new products in our templates

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Contact us for help, support or advice from technical questions to business queries on how Tarhazma can revolutionise your business.